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Pay it forward

Good evening to all. I hope your summer has started on a good note. Ours has been busy. Baseball, soceer and karate are in full swing. Last weekend we had our annual garage sale. Not the best weather, but it could have been worse. It cleared up after the sale, so I drove the kids to the cemetery. To say it was painful is definitely an understatement. I beleive it was much more dificult for me than the boys. I think Chris and I talked so much about being in heaven that the boys don’t relate the cemetery with Chris’s death as much as I do. It’s the hardest place for me to be. It’s a cold, hard slap of reality. I felt like a had my heart ripped out all over again. It was probably harder for the boys to see me in pain, than visiting Chris. The rest of the week we just did our crazy schedule.

Today, we went to the 7th annual Bucky’s Memorial Bash in Rochester. Bob Buckmeier was a close friend of our family. He was an amazing man who always had a big smile for me and a big hug! He liked to tease me and my sisters. He was full of life and love (sound like someone else we know?) When I was young, our families had some really fun times together. Bob died of brain cancer in 2004. His family started the Bob Buckmeier Foundation to help support local families dealing with cancer. They helped us when we really needed it. We took some Chris’s memorial donations and “paid it forward” today. I really hope it helps some families the way it helped ours. If you would like to read more, the web site is: The Buckmeier family is in our prayers tonight. I’d like to thank them for the wonderful work that they are doing. I hope the fundraiser went well for them.
Tomorrow’s another tough day for us. We’ve had some hard discussions about father’s day and some other days. I’m planning on taking the boys out and about to keep their(and mine) minds busy. It may be a long couple of weeks with my birthday and the 4th of July. Birthdays and holidays are the toughest for us.

I need to get Jaxson settled down, yes he’s still awake.
Have a good night!


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It’s just me

Good evening to everyone! I need to shoot out an apology. I’ve had many calls and I have not returned yet and I’m sorry. I’m still adjusting to being a single parent and juggling everything at once. I’m especially trying really had to make sure the ball that doesn’t get dropped is the boys. I know there are times when they want more mom time, but there’s only so many hours in the day. I’m realizing that sometimes there are some things that just are not going to get done. So to those of you who have called or emailed, I’ll catch up with you soon.

This weekend I worked and Grandpa and Grandma spent time with the boys. We planted the first tree in memory of Chris in our backyard. It’s a Colorado Blue Spruce (Thank you King and Bowman families!) We are planning on doing a few more(our backyard really only has one tree and it’s dying.) The boys helped me and Grandpa dig the hole and get it planted-along with looking for worms in the dirt. We washed cars this evening after I got done with work. Or I should say we had a water fight. I decided that by the time I pay for all the water, it would have been cheaper to go get it washed! While running on the wet, slippery blactop, Jaxson took a digger and scraped up his knee, hip and elbow. Oh, to be 7 again!
Next weekend is the annual Baty garage sale. My mother-in-law Karen, Rick and Karen’s cousin Bette will down to help out. And of course I have my two little helpers. We’re just going to do that on Saturday.

That’s all for now. Have a good week!
Hugs and prayers!


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