It’s just me

Good evening to everyone! I need to shoot out an apology. I’ve had many calls and I have not returned yet and I’m sorry. I’m still adjusting to being a single parent and juggling everything at once. I’m especially trying really had to make sure the ball that doesn’t get dropped is the boys. I know there are times when they want more mom time, but there’s only so many hours in the day. I’m realizing that sometimes there are some things that just are not going to get done. So to those of you who have called or emailed, I’ll catch up with you soon.

This weekend I worked and Grandpa and Grandma spent time with the boys. We planted the first tree in memory of Chris in our backyard. It’s a Colorado Blue Spruce (Thank you King and Bowman families!) We are planning on doing a few more(our backyard really only has one tree and it’s dying.) The boys helped me and Grandpa dig the hole and get it planted-along with looking for worms in the dirt. We washed cars this evening after I got done with work. Or I should say we had a water fight. I decided that by the time I pay for all the water, it would have been cheaper to go get it washed! While running on the wet, slippery blactop, Jaxson took a digger and scraped up his knee, hip and elbow. Oh, to be 7 again!
Next weekend is the annual Baty garage sale. My mother-in-law Karen, Rick and Karen’s cousin Bette will down to help out. And of course I have my two little helpers. We’re just going to do that on Saturday.

That’s all for now. Have a good week!
Hugs and prayers!



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6 responses to “It’s just me

  1. Gina

    good to hear from you. I will continue to check in and you can call when you are able even if it’s a year from now. yourpost btw remindsme weneedto stock up on bandaids!

  2. so excited to know you’ve planted the tree!!!!

  3. Laurie Thulien

    Can’t wait to get your second tree to you! Maybe “the group” will have a representative 🙂 bring it over this week. Will keep you posted. I can’t believe
    I missed you yesterday – but will see you for sure on Saturday.

    Love you, and really miss talking with you 🙂
    Laurie T

  4. Cheryl Stainer

    Hearing about Jaxson’s scrape reminded me of the times we would hear about you, Sarah, or Jennifer getting banged up over the years . . . from Grandma, of course. :0) Maybe that’s why you put, “oh to be 7 again.”

    Have been thinking of you a lot lately and praying for you.

    Good luck with the garage sale,


  5. Debi Bowman

    It’s great to know you are having some fun with your boys and family. This note is great and keep on putting family first. Love ya and praying for you Debi Bowman

  6. Pat Moran

    I’m glad we had a chance to visit yesterday. I was not aware of Chris’s passing. We will continue to have your family in our prayers. We are close by and look forward to helping your family in whatever manner we can as you adjust to a new normal.
    Pat Moran

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