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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy belated Thanskgiving to you all. I hope you had a great weekend and spent some quality time with friends and family. The boys and I went to the lake and had Thanksgiving with my parents and my sisters and their familes. We had a good Thanksgiving, but of course we felt Chris’s absence. As everyone knows, the holidays are tough. Tonight Brenden asked me if I could tell him 9 things about his dad-since he’s going to be 9 soon. However, it was bedtime, so I told him that would have to wait for tomorrow. Chris is definitely on their minds lately.
The last two weeks have been tough for Jaxson. He ran into a classmate and got two bloodly lips. Spent some quality time with the nurse at school-who knows him pretty well at this point. At least it’s not the principle! Then later in the week his fish, Diablo died. It was very tough on him. He related it with his father, and was really upset. He then wiped out at school-tore out the knees in his pants. A few other things, but let’s just say it’s a good thing he could get away for the weekend.
The kids are keeping busy. Jaxson’s still doing karate and Brenden started playing basketball. It seems we have something going every night of the week. Brenden is trying to plan his birthday party. Yes, my first born will be 9 years old next month. How did I ever get old enough to have a 9 year old child? Oh, yes- that’s right, I had him when I was 20!
Have a great week! I will try to get back to posting more, if not for you, for me. It’s theraputic for me to sort though my thoughts.

Sweet Dreams!


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