Birthday Memories

Yes folks, today my first born turned 9 years old.  Where did the time go?  I swear yesterday I was changing his diaper and giving him his bottle.  But my little boys who loved Thomas the Train and lived to watch Nemo now is all about DS games, projection clocks, Captain Underwear books, Laser Stunt Chasers and of course, cash and gift cards.  He plays games and constantly calls everyone “Dude!”  So, he is growing up.  He had fun with his friends and family today.  I love seeing the smile on his face as everyone wishes him Happy Birthday and tells him how tall he’s getting.  But of course, I miss that his father isn’t with him to celebrate.  I knew for his birthday he wanted a Vikings jersey.  I asked his Grandpa Baty to get him one.  After everyone left, Brenden tried it on.  The first thing he said was “Dad  would have thought this jersey is sooo cool!  I wish he could be here to see it!”  I told him that I’m sure his dad was looking down from heaven and smiling and probably wearing the same jersey- because in dad’s heaven, the Vikings probably were a good team!  Brenden agreed and ran out to show his Grandpa and Grandma Stratton the jersey-(of course to be told it was the wrong color.)   I know it was a good birthday for him and he had fun, but I know he’s missing his father, as we all are. 

It’s been a tough couple of weeks, as the first Christmas without Chris will be.  We were setting up the Christmas tree and Jaxson found some of Chris’s ornaments.  He burst into tears, which of course sent me into tears.  We had a good cry, then finished putting up the tree.  It’s been a real roller coaster for all of us.  We are looking forward to spending time with family and friends. 

I must get back to my wrapping.  Enjoy the holiday season.  I will post again soon!

Merry Christmas!



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