Happy New Year

Ok, yes, I know it’s Jan.24th and it’s been some time since I’ve done a post. I still want to wish eveyone Happy New Year! I’m not a huge resolution person. I’ve noticed that a lot of people forget about their resolutions by the end of January. But still as I begin a new year, I reevaluate my life and think if there’s any changes that I need to make. I also look back and think about different things I learned over the past year. Of course, this past year I have learned more than I wanted in areas I wish I didn’t have to. Life’s lessons, as we all know, are sometimes painful. My next blog I plan on blogging about my 2011 lessons.
My focus, as always, is to spend time with my children and I have been doing just that. Last weekend we went to Wisconsin Dells and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge. We made a trip there with Chris in June of 2010 right after we found out the cancer had moved to his lungs. My children have some memories of being there with him, and that was nice for them. What I noticed they didn’t remember is the amount of time that Chris had spent in the hotel room on our last trip. That’s a good thing-I want them to remember the fun parts of time spent with their father. They remembered being in the wave pool with him and doing Magicquest(a game) with him. But they seemed to have blocked out that dad had to go back to the room several times a day and nap or rest while we continued to swim or play. Anyway, we made the trip a Baty trip with his dad and siblings and nieces and nephews. We had a great time and my kids were totally worn out at the end of the trip. I’m sure Chris was looking down and smiling at the lot of us swimming in the lap pool, screaming down the howlin’ tornado, and lounging by the pool. I hope we get to do more trips like that.
I’ll post again soon. Out of time now.
Have a great day!



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