Womans Best Friend

Greetings. I know I said I was going to blog about lessons learned, but that one will have to wait. Today we learned that our dog is very ill. He was walking kind of strange and I thought he may have hurt himself on some ice or walking on the stairs. I took him in and they did some blood work and found his liver numbers to be off the chart. The vet is running some tests, but things don’t look good. Despite how healthy he looks, she thinks he will probably rapidly decline, although we’re not sure exactly what he has. So, once again, I had to sit down with my children and tell them that someone is dying. Brenden’s doing ok, he and the dog aren’t super close. Jaxson is very upset. He said, “but them we’ll be down to only 3 of us in our house.” I’m, of course, very upset too. Komis has got me through a very difficult year. He’s been my walking/running companion for almost 12 years. Even as I sit and cry because I found out he’s so sick, he sits next to me and tries to comfort me. There’s a sense of security I have when he’s near(for those of you who don’t know, he’s a 60 pound husky.) He is protective of me and the children, but not to the point he growls or bits others. Although, I’m pretty sure he would bite if he felt we were being threatened.
So, I’m asking for some prayers today to heal a dog who holds a special place in our hearts. Or at least a prayer for a little boys whose heart probably be greiving again shortly. Jaxson is currnetly even asking me if it’s ok to touch the dog-he’s so afraid to hurt him. I know it’s just a dog to some, but he’s a part of our family and means alot to us.

Love and Prayers,



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7 responses to “Womans Best Friend

  1. Beth Gould

    Animals are such a wonderful part of a family. They really do help us through the hard time. They never judge us, they love us unconditionally. They hold such a special place in our hearts. I will pray for him and all of you. All you can do is continue to show him love and he will return just as he always has I am sure. Thinking of you……

  2. Debbie

    Karen- I was so sad to read this. I will definitely be sending good thoughts your way, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you…

  3. Dan

    Thinking of you and the boys. If you need anything let me know.

  4. Karen, I remember when you guys got him! So sorry you had to get such sad news. I will hope and pray for a miracle. I know how I felt when I lost my dog. I would hate to hear that you had to go through that after everything else you and your boys have already been through. They are a very special part of the family. Thinking of you…

  5. cherilarkin@skyline.com

    Give Komis lots of hugs. ( a few from me) He is a great boy & will always put those he loves before himself. I will keep him & all of you in my prayers.
    Fingers crossed that he gets better.

  6. Cheryl Stainer

    My heart breaks for you and the boys. Although dogs are just animals we do get attached to them just the same. With all that you have been through the last couple of year and the anniversary of Chris’ death in the near future, I can see how this would effect your family greatly. We will be lifting you all up in prayer, including your dog.


  7. Patty Winkels

    My heart goes out to you and your boys and am so sorry that you had to receive such news on another member of your family. We will pray that things aren’t as serious as they sound. When we lost our little dog “Teddy” the one comfort my children had is that he had been pals with my dad who had passed away a year prior, so they said that he had gone to play with grandpa.
    Hang in there and know that you are truly an amazing woman who always seems to know just the right thing to do! I know I have said it before, but I will say it again—-the boys are extremely lucky to have you as their mom.

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