The End of the Day

Yes, I know. Two nights in a row. Pretty crazy,huh? We made it through the day. We were very busy, but it helped keep our minds occupied. I first want to thank everyone who sent us thoughts and prayers, special emails and comments on the blog. I know Chris is on everyones mind today. Tonight, I met the kids after school. Brenden had an open house for a young scholars camp this summer. Then we zipped over to Outback Steakhouse to meet Chris’s dad and stepmom and my niece,Caylee for dinner. Jaxson, of course, ate too much bread and drank rootbeer.(see lettes from Heaven post if you’ve forgotten what that means). After that, back we zipped to school for Brenden’s music concert, where my sisters and brother-in-laws and another niece, Adrianna enjoyed the concert. Then home for homework and popsicles. So, tonight the boys are having a campout in my room. I’ve probably got more stuffed animals and blankets in my room right now then any of you have in your house! But it’s cozy and warm. We did our prayers, sending Chris up his nightly hug and kiss and an extra “we miss you!” Hopefully, we will all get some good sleep as I’m sure tomorrow night will involve soccer and basketball after school.
I think we did pretty good today, all things considered. Brenden asked me last night if I would wake up crying today. I told “no, I don’t think so.” I had my crying jag last night. That’s sometimes a by-product of writing this blog. But it’s therapeutic for me. I also read through the many comments left on the blog on the day Chris died. It was beautiful how many people responded and the wonderful things they wrote about Chris. It’s something to show the kids again down the road, a tribute to what a terrific person their father was.
I would also like to sent out a big Happy Birthday to my friend, Angie! Also, a really belated Happy Birthday from last year! You’ve been a great friend and I hope your day was wonderful. Have fun this weekend! Also, Happy Birthday to Pat! I didn’t get your email until after the party. I hope your day was beautiful!
Well, I’m drained. Time to finish up a few things and get to bed. My kids are excited to wear shorts to school tomorrow. I hope everyone had a good day! I know it sometimes hurts to remember, but memories are to be treasured.

Peace and Love to all,




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3 responses to “The End of the Day

  1. Anonymous

    Words cant express how my heart aches for you and the guys. As much as I miss him it is nothing compared to the void you must feel. Thank you for sharing this with us. All week he has been on my mind. I have hugged my famiky a little extra this week. Ive tried to get less stressed at work. Much love.gina

  2. Miriam

    Thinking of you and the boys, Karen – sending love and prayers your way. You are an amazing woman, a fierce mother (in a good way), and your strength amazes me. What you have gone through these past few years has been incredibly difficult, and you have perservered. God’s blessings and peace to you!

  3. Shellie Gebhard

    I’ve been thinking of you Karen, take care!


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