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Happy Easter

Happy Easter a little late! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The boys and I, along with my sister, Sarah and her husband, Pete went to the Harlem Globetrotters game on Friday night. The humor was right up Jaxson and Brenden’s alley! Bodily functions and generel silliness. They had a great time! We went to my parents house on Saturday and then to my Uncle Doug and Aunt Chris’s house on Sunday to join the Stratton clan for the big feast. The kids had two diffent egg hunts-yes, I know–totally spoilled . We also got a lovely treat. At Christmas time, I gave my Aunt Mary some of Chris’s clothes to make some quilts for the boys and myself. She completed the quilts, along with a matching pillow case for each of us. They are beautiful!

Jaxson’s has the Minnesota Twins logo on it and is green. Brenden’s is blue with the Vikings logo and mine is red. She did a wonderful job! The boys have slept with them every night. The quilts are about the size of a twin comforter. Thank you so much Aunt Mary!!!

So, our luck ran out last weekend. We have been mostly healthy since the end of October last year. Jaxson came down with a cold last weekend and has proceeded to give it to me and Brenden. How nice of him to share. So, tonight we’ve just been hanging out doing homework and resting up. The boys start baseball the end of this month. The juggling act will start up again. Two nights each of baseball, two nights of karate for Jaxson and myself and Halo at church on Wednesdays. Yeah-not enough days in the week! I still struggle with being a single parent. Over the kids spring break, we split them up and my parents had one boy the first part of the week and we switched on Wednesday and then they had the other boy. It was nice to get the one-on-one time with them. I almost never get that anymore.

Time to get the kids to bed! Have a great week!

Peace and Love,


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