Happy 45th Anniversary

Hi! Just a quick post tonight. I just wanted to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary-yes 45 years! That’s a long time. They are an amazing couple! I hope they had a great time at the bed and breakfast they went to.

On another quick note, my kids raised just over $1000 for the Bob Buckmeier Foundation for the 5K we did last month. Way to go boys!

Also, to all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day! I hope you all have a wonderful day! June is a hard month around my house-my kids have a bit of a difficult time with Father’s Day, and then my birthday follows it. Chris always “snuck” out with the boys to do my birthday shopping and they always made kind of a boys day out of it. I know they miss that. So, it’s not always a very easy month for us. But Happy Father’s Day to you all-especially my dad! Love you!

Peace and Love,



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3 responses to “Happy 45th Anniversary

  1. Mom

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes and we lived the B&B!
    Very proud of the boys. So nice to see them learning to “do for others”. Great job boys! Love you

  2. John

    Thanks for the updates, love reading them.

  3. Suzy Welch

    You and the boys are always in our prayers.

    Suzy and Marissa

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