A New Member of the Family

Hello to all! A number of people have asked why I have not done a post for a while. Well, besides having baseball or karate almost every night, we added a new member to our family. Meet Dakota, our new husky puppy. He joined us in June after school let out. He’s shy until he gets to know you, then he’s totally hyper. The boys carry him around like a baby at times and spoil him rotton. His mask is his trade mark and is why my kids picked him. We still have Komis, so yes, 2 dogs and 2 boys- a house full of males.

We also spent most of last week at the lake,keeping cool and spending time with family. My kids started working on their waterskiing and did a lot of swimming. Jaxson finished up baseball and Brenden will be done next week. Then we have a little break before soccer starts. Jaxson and I still have karate also.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and is keeping cool in the heat! I’ll try to post again soon!
Love and prayers,

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  1. Anonymous

    Dakota is beautiful! I hope he is helping your hearts and keeping smiles on your faces. Congrats on the new addition to your family recently, too. I keep in touch with your mom. Such a great lady. 🙂


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